Truffle RTW Eyeshadow Compact


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• Paraben Free, all natural ingredients • Talc, fragrance, oil free, dye-free and non-comedogenic

• Exceptional adherence to skin creates long lasting coverage • Healing, non-aggressive properties

• Silky texture • SPF protection • Sheer to full coverage • Protective barrier allows skin to breathe

• No “chalky pink” color to products • Micronized minerals Reference Phrases: • All natural • Sericite (mica) gives silky texture and “slip”

• Kaolin (French clay) absorbs oil from the surface • Titanium dioxide & zinc oxide provide SPF protection • Zinc stearate helps powder adhere to skin

• Products are pressed with jojoba oil esters (closest to skin’s natural sebum) • No Bismuth Oxychloride added which can be a skin irritant and can add “chalky pink” color to powder Usage:

• Great for all skin types • Can be used on hyperpigmented or blemished skin • Great for sensitive skin or when skin is in most sensitive state (post laser surgery, dermabrasion or skin services) • Convenient for travel!

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