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Carol Thompson Cosmetics - What is it that makes you choose one cosmetic brand over another?

  • Is it the "brand" name?
  • Perhaps most makeup seems the same so you purchase the one that appears to have the best value or is the most economical.
  • Or maybe you purchase on impulse because it’s convenient even though you really aren’t ready to buy.
  • Then again, you might have seen a commercial for a product that will do all these great things and you make the purchase thinking it will solve your problem.
  • Are there times you know you need an item and you just end up buying "something" because you are tired of trying to figure out what works for you?

Well, "doing more of what doesn’t work doesn’t make it work any better." All that is really required is for you to invest a little time and energy with the right people, program and products.

Once this process is completed....

  • You will no longer have anxiety about how you may look
  • You will have developed a base of products that you know work and are of good value
  • You will have someone to turn to if you need help. No more impulse buys
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Carol Thompson Cosmetics... has the professionals, the program and the products that will prove to be different than any other experience you have had choosing cosmetics – we don’t just sell cosmetics, we invest an interest in your personal beauty.

I am going to guess since you are reading this you have some interest in cosmetics and when a cosmetic application is done correctly you know you can look better. You know as well as I do that each of you can benefit from makeup regardless of how minimal the application. On the other hand, makeup improperly used, no matter how minimal, can be disastrous. I don’t think women intend to wear "unflattering" makeup they just don’t know it is.

What can be even more unfortunate than wearing the wrong makeup is the insecurity that develops when one is not reassured that they look good.

Carol Thompson Cosmetics doesn’t just sell cosmetics and skincare. I believe that there are many quality brands of makeup. What is not readily available to you are:

  • Qualified people to help you choose the best colors to bring out your individual beauty
  • Education programs that you can trust and count on.
  • Availability of products the price and performance you can grow to learn and trust – simplify the whole process of "looking good".

Try this simple test – determine the undertone of your skin by taking the color test now. Color analysis is a beauty secret often overlooked but is the essential ingredient. Once you have determined your color season you will be able to access your best makeup colors and learn the secrets of how to apply makeup. Give it a chance and see for yourself how my products can make a difference. You can call me! I will walk you through the entire process.

That is "the benefit" of choosing Carol Thompson Cosmetics. It is simple and it works.

As owner of Carol Thompson Cosmetics, I personally guarantee that I will do whatever it takes to add you to my list of satisfied clients. Call me toll free at 800-944-5054 or locally at 608-836-1012.